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Dadadadan Tenko is a Japanese drum (wadaiko) group formed in 1987 by the performing artist Isaya Mondori.
The Osaka-based group's unique performances express the theme of "interesting and energetic appeal," and not only include traditional
methods but a variety of elements including Western music, drama, and comedy.
The resulting events are filled with a sense of emotion and speed that goes far beyond one usually expects from Japanese drumming.
Dadadadan Tenko is a truly rare group - a drum troupe that combines the traditional and the modern as they make their way around not only Japan
but the entire world.
The drums of Dadadadan Tenko are not your run-of-the-mill drums.
They make you laugh, they bring you joy, they take your breath away.
Brushing aside all known genres of performing arts, Dadadadan Tenko is simply... entertainment!
Sweat flies as powerful reverberations suffused with young spirit fill
the performance space. Wadaiko fans will be enchanted by the deep bass tones
they yearn to hear.
The group's work brings the traditional culture of Osaka to life.
While firmly rooted in the local area, Dadadadan Tenko is thoroughly
international. And with performances that brim with entertainment,
the unique structure creates an impact unlike any other in the wadaiko world.
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